Arcade Fashionistas!

The MBFF Brisbane Arcade Show on Wednesday night was a show stopper!

Sitting front row (again!!!! eep) in my slinky Maiocchi dress next to…. deep breath Lahnee… a Vogue Australia writer (if you know me you will know I consider media persons as celebs…just a little thing I do) I found myself in awe of the unique and differing designs.

Everything from Spring inspired prints to big bold hats, sexy knee highs and whimsical couture gowns! Brisbane is certainly holding its own in the world of fashion!

My picks….

teng darb hat box maiocchi1

Ps … guess who else was sitting front row this night. The one and only make-up extraordinaire Napoleon Perdis and the Governor General! What a crowd 🙂


Emerging into fashion!

As the MBFF Brisbane elegantly flows on, the week just keeps getting better and better!

And on Tuesday night, straight after the blushing brides, were the unique creations of the Emerging Designers who showed their wears on the round stage.

Complete with colour and bold prints, fierce new trends were certainly ’emerging’! The crowd was excited to see what these up and comers had to show and sitting front row in another Begitta outfit, I could feel a shopping spree coming on.

Here is what I loved most!!!!

erinhass playsuits peony swimwear jacksonian begittagold sinead james

And here’s what I found out about one of the incredible designers, Erin Hassall!


THE 28 year old, who showcased in the Emerging Designer Group Show, is constantly juggling a full-time fashion design career with a part-time professional golf caddying gig, and has just returned from her second trip to China this year.

“My partner (Jonathan Pepper) recently received his China PGA tour card so we’ve had a couple of trips there already, but in previous years his golf has taken us to Japan and America where I caddy for him,” Erin said.

The designer has gone from birdies on the fairway to another form – the Birds of Paradise flower, which she describes as the inspiration for her second new season range.

“I’m keeping with the bright colours and tropical theme of the flower and I have created some of my own prints this year, so I am really excited,” she said.

“I have a collection of silk kaftans, soft, floaty, shift-dresses and some summer jackets, basically a beautiful range of resort wear that is perfect for Queensland’s tropical climate.”


Bridal beauty’s on the MBFF stage!

Day 3 of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival kicked off yesterday with some blushing brides (well stunning tall slender models wearing wedding gowns) and I was just about ready to run home and demand my hubby and I re-marry. Just so I could wear one of the dresses!

Photos by Ian Golding

Photos by Ian Golding

We had  a chat with the lovely Tammie Nitschke from Elizabeth De Varga

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started on this journey into fashion?

A. I’m from a small country town, raised on property with no shops for miles. Many of my clothes were hand me downs or homemade so when I got to an age where I could operate a machine by myself I would deconstruct and adapt, alter and remake the clothes my way! When I finished school I went to University to study Agricultural Economics. I ended up in a small mining town in WA, far away from anything fashion orientated – unless we are talking steel caps and kaki overalls. This is where I realised that I needed to go and pursue my love of fashion.

Q. What do you love about the industry?

A. I love fabrics and all things pretty. The industry is tough and the competition is fierce. Each day is different for me; I could be in the store designing and liaising with clients, fitting or merchandising. I could be on location at a photo shoot, I could be on a flight on my way to a store to sell the collection or in the studio viewing new fabrics, deciding on marketing, developing samples and new styles.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Stylish, distinctive, romantic. Detail is key in all of our gowns, be it a simple elegant sheath or a full princess gown. It’s all in the detail.

Q. Can you describe your latest bridal collection and where your inspiration came from?

A. Our latest collection combines romance and glamour. It’s a love affair of texture and detail. Our fabrics are key elements of inspiration. Sourced from the world’s great lace companies combined with silks, quirky intricacies of tulle and Swarovski pearls and crystals, hand crochet and diamante belt details. The palette is soft hues of shell pink and blush through to antique silks and magnolias.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. World Domination LOL! As our focus is high end Australian made couture bridal gowns it’s only natural to want to share my love of fashion and the label with the entire market so there is discussion around a ‘ready to wear’ line to appeal to all budgets.

Q. Fashion tip for brides?

A. Be true to your style. If you love all things big and bold then be that. If you love clean lines and sophistication then be that. Talk to an expert – get their opinions, utilise their knowledge. But ultimately you decide!

Here are a few of my fav gowns of the night!!!!!

bride1 bride2 bride3 bride4 bride5 bride6 bride7 bride8

Myer Spring Summer 14 – my cc will take a beating after seeing you!

Red carpet, shimmering new Mercedes-Benz’, frocks, jocks and everything in between – welcome to day 2 of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane for 2013.

I was riding solo tonight for the much anticipated Myer Spring Summer 14 show and no-one was left disappointed.

The experience begins when you are greeted with grand marble staircases and smiling MBFF workers in the King George Square foyer of the stunningly refurbished Brisbane City Hall.

Heels’ clicking it was on to the Hamilton Lounge where Epicure put on a show with cocktails, canapés and all the glitz and glam you’d want from a VIP lounge.

Sipping on Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka and Stella Artois, Deakin Estate wines – ahhh what luxury on a Monday night!

After rubbing shoulders with the crowd I was ready to take my seat in row 2, VIPB17, my first seat for the week.

When you enter the main auditorium it is easy to lose your breath momentarily as the beauty of this room takes over. Its circular design with fluted pilasters reminds you of the Pantheon in Rome. The room’s focal point is a 23 metre high central lantern peering down over the elevated round runway. All of this part of the $215 million restoration which saw the Hall’s doors reopened after nearly 3 years in April this year!

The lights dimmed and the lovely Georgina Lewis from Network 10 took the stage in a stunning blue suit by YB J’Aime. Then it was show time!

Tall, slinky models primed to perfection strutted their stuff in the latest trends – including Myers leading lad Kris Smith who wowed the crowds!

30 minutes later applause erupted and the finale was over!


But this post isn’t – I caught up with the one and only Wayne Cooper to chat about his new collection.

Myer Designer: Wayne Cooper (Wayne Cooper)

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started on this journey into fashion.

A. I was born in London, finished a law degree, but was always more interested in fashion so I decided to do an around the world trip, settled in Sydney, and started my own label in 1991.

Q. What do you love about fashion and the industry?

A. I love that every day in fashion is never the same. You are always working on something new and exciting and trying to design the perfect collection.

Q. What has been the best experience for you in this journey so far?

A. I have experienced many amazing things, met so many interesting people, including having Bono from U2 turn up to one of my after show parties. I have worked with amazing models like Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, showed at New York Fashion Week etc.

Q. Who is your target market and why?

A. My target market is quite wide these days. When I started, my customer was younger but they have grown up and still want to wear my clothes. So now it ranges from 18 years – 50 years. But really my customer could be any age. My collections aren’t really limited by age, they are about a state of mind.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. I like clean lines and strong silhouettes, sexy/sensual styles and most of my designs are event driven.

Q. Can you describe your latest collection and where your inspiration came from?

A. My summer collection, ACOUARELLE is a modern sportswear collection, full of colour.

Q. What is you’re the one garment you couldn’t live without?

A. Personally, a pair of Havaianas in summer, Converse in winter and black skinny jeans.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. To keep perfecting my Wayne Cooper and Wayne by Wayne Cooper lines and keep my customers happy.

Q. Fashion tip?

A. Add some of your personality to your look, take a few risks, and always flatter your body shape.


MBFF Brisbane – lights, camera, fashion!

Well it’s finally here, the week us Brisbanites and fashionistas across the country have been waiting for!

It’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival time!

So in honour of this consumer fashion event I will be dedicating this week’s posts to the glitz and glam of the festival.

Kicking off the week is a bit of a profile on emerging designer Begitta, whose stunning Jardin de L’Amour | Garden of Love – Tea Dress dress I wore to the Designer Cocktail Reception in the Hamilton Lounge at Brisbane City Hall last night. And might I just say, what a night it was!!!!


Emerging designer: Begitta (Begitta Stolk)

Shows: Emerging Designer Group Show, Tuesday August 27, 8.00pm, tickets from $37.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started on this journey into fashion.

A. When I was nine, my aunty bought me a pink plastic sewing machine for Christmas and I made hats and dresses for all my dolls and teddy bears. I guess I have always been drawn to theatrics and pretty things. I started a business degree at Bond University but felt that it was a little too corporate for what I wanted, to start a fashion label, so I left and completed my studies in fashion in Australia and most recently in Paris.

Q. What do you love about fashion and the industry?

A. The industry is ever moving, ever changing and ever creative. We can express ourselves by what we wear and the perfect dress can make any woman feel like a goddess.

Q. What made you want to get involved in bridal fashion?

A. I adore weddings, weddings are a time to celebrate the love that you have for the man (or woman) of your dreams, a time to be excited and to share your love with the world. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to take part in someone’s dream.

Q. Who is your target market and why?

A. The Begitta girl is feminine, elegant and fabulous. She like getting dressed up, likes a little attention and always stands out from the crowd. She has passion for her life, love and career. She adores glamorous styling and dramatic silhouettes.

Q. How would you describe your style?

Feminine, fun, a little daring, whimsical, outrageous (occasionally), classic (sometimes), pretty (always).

Q. Can you describe your latest collection and where your inspiration came from?

A. The Collection will be full of lace, draping, beading, colour and excitement. We’re going for something slightly off-beat to the previous collections, a little shock factor.

Q. What is you’re the one garment you couldn’t live without?

A. A pretty little tea dress perfect for both day and night – add heels a sparkly clutch and you’re set!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. The future has endless possibilities and so many exciting things to come. We’re working with lots of gorgeous Brides and Bridesmaids over the coming months to make their dream gowns and we have big plans for a few new exciting projects which can’t be revealed just yet!

Q. Fashion tip?

A. You can never be over dressed!


Stop blaming the dogs!

You may have seen the headlines about 2-year-old Deeon Higgins who was killed by the family dog, a bull mastiff cross, last week.

Various stories are of course doing the rounds online. And so I felt this is something I should discuss because after reading some of the sensationalised stories, carelessly written by journos from all over the news sphere, I felt angered. I felt less inclined to care about the tragedy itself, and more inclined to be pissed off at the one minded nature of some writers and some stories that have skimmed over the finer details and cut straight to the quick blaming the “dangerous” family dog.

For example – the fact that the 2-year-old child was outside BY HIMSELF according to some sources, with the 57kg dog, who, on most occasions was kept tied up!!!  His 71-year-old grandmother was inside.  First of all DO NOT EVER LET A 2 YEAR OLD CHILD BE ALONE WITH A DOG! No matter what the breed! Secondly, if you need to keep your dog tied up, you have clearly not trained it to be around people and especially kids. Thirdly, the dog probably thought he was playing at first until the grandmother started attacking him with a broom. This is not going to make the dog feel less threatened… this will make it angrier! Why can’t everyone watch Cesar Milan for god’s sake!

I’m sorry if this seems harsh, of course I feel terrible for this dear little boy and his family, what happened was clearly a tragedy, but I also feel sorry for the poor dog (who was put down). And for all the other Bull Mastiffs out there being looked down on by us high and mighty humans who today are labelling them, the ENTIRE breed, as vicious, dangerous dogs that need to be destroyed!

Check out the photo doing to rounds…


Are you kidding me!!!!

I’m sorry but no breed is dangerous. And every breed has the potential to be dangerous. It all comes down to the owners and the way the dog is brought up. Yes, some breeds could be more susceptible to dangerous behaviour, but if you take on one of these breeds, then you better be bloody prepared and willing to provide it with the correct training and discipline it needs to become a loving family pet. It’s a simple as that!

You know if you buy a typically “dangerous” breed that you are taking on extra responsibility. If you choose to ignore that responsibility and then your dog does something wrong, well you are the one to blame. Not the dog.

And shock horror… how did these breeds become “dangerous” in the first place… humans made them so! Wow, who would have thought us perfect beings (cough cough) could be responsible for this. No, we are not to blame; the dogs are just born bad. Bull shit!

Stupid humans have been mistreating dogs, and well pretty much every other animal, for centuries! Dog fighting is a blood sport that can be traced back to ancient times and guess what dogs got used for that… not shih tzus and Chihuahuas.

I’m going to use a very controversial analogy here to prove my point – think back to the days of slavery, where people with black skin were forced into slave labour, tortured, mistreated. STILL, to this day, some of the descendants of the original slaves hold resentment against the people who did that to them. So if human beings are still affected by activities of the distant past, why wouldn’t certain breeds of dogs be the same?

This is why it is so important to understand the breed you are buying and understand the responsibility that comes with owning a dog – no matter what the breed.

Then maybe, just maybe, people will stop using our beautiful 4-legged friends as scapegoats for our own failures.

RIP little Deeon Higgins. If only your death could teach us a thing or two…

Here is one of said articles that I do not agree with! In fact, I’m ashamed of it and the source it came from …

The truth about love

May I just start this blog by saying OMFG PINK WAS AMAZING!!!


Ok, now that’s out the way…

Last weekend I took a trip to Sydney with a bunch of wonderful women to see PINK live in concert on her The Truth About Love tour.

It was the first time I’d seen Pink and wow! That woman is amazing!

Not only can she sing, she can act, dance, swing from the rooftops (while singing!!!!) – and still look like a million bucks.

She has become my new inspiration. I mean who doesn’t want to ooze sex appeal, sing like a queen and sport a set of abs like that!

Her career has spanned over a decade and unlike some artists, the ones you think back to the original albums you loved and then realise they got worse and worse over time, Pink has done the opposite. She’s made like red wine and got better with age.

I was mesmerised throughout the entire show, from start to end and then some. I would go as far as to say this was the best concert I’ve been too… and that’s a big call because I’m no stranger to concerts.

Her songs are catchy, and her attitude and confidence on stage makes her sexy as hell! If I was going to switch sides, it would be for Pink. No doubts about it!

And then you add the fact she is also a mother – this woman pretty much has super human powers.

All hail PINK!!! And her truths about love 🙂

I like porn!

I read an article on Mama Mia the other day written by Ms Naughty.

She’s makes feminist porn.

I opened the article because, 1. I was curious as to what feminist porn was, and 2. I find the sex industry pretty interesting. Also, that very night I was off to Sexpo Brisbane to chat to some real life porn stars and strippers.

So… Ms Naughty is an Aussie librarian turned pornographer! And she is leading the way for feminist porn down under (pardon the pun). What makes her porn films feminist is the perspective in which she shoots them; as a woman, wanting what a woman wants. The content is all about female pleasure!

Go Ms Naughty!!!

From this article and from scouring the web, I discovered feminist porn is big business (hallelujah) and it seems to me that those women brave enough to take on the world of exotic films love what they do!

Petra Joy is another lady doing it for the ladies. Petra has been financing, producing and directing feminist porn since 2004 and loving every minute of it!

This really got me thinking about porn, the sex industry and the stigmas attached to it.

A lot of mainstream porn is, as Petra points out, geared towards male pleasure. So why can’t us girls enjoy a bit of sex on the big screen? Why aren’t women more open about their enjoyment of porn? Let’s face it; most of us are at least curious about it if not totally engrossed by the idea of watching it.

I think the problem is that we are either too embarrassed to admit that we like it, be it mainstream or feminist style (get it, feminist style…anyways), and the stigmas attached to the sex industry are just too widespread for us to stand up and shout from the rooftops about our desire for some onscreen lovin’.

I, personally, would like to see this change! Bring on the cunnilingus!!

So, here’s to Ms Naughty, to Petra and their porn! (check out

BTW check out these interviews with the lovely ladies of Sexpo Australia, Miss Phoenix Marie (super amazing porn star!!!) and Aussie hardcore porn pro Angela White! Also, sexy stripper Trinity Porter. Seems to me these ladies love what they do and do it pretty well!

sexpo1 sexpo2