Parex, Metagenics, what the?

Well the days have come and gone and the post I’d hoped to get on here last Thursday is now finally making an appearance.

Last Wednesday I had my first follow-up appointment with Jessica Cox.

I was actually really excited about it! I wanted to tell her all about how I’d been going and I wanted to see what her feedback was, and the results of the tests were to be discussed. Anyone would have thought I was going for a job interview… for a job I really wanted that is. Nerves, butterflies, excitement, curiosity! All wrapped up (in a wheat free wrap of course).

So throughout the hour session, we chatted and I talked poor Jess’s ear off about what I had been eating, how I was finding it, how I felt.

I had actually been away on a work trip the weekend prior to Spicers Clovelly (a whole post in itself! OMG that place is heaven) and I was served up a few slices of fresh cooked bread straight from the over (drool!), so not wanting to be rude, I ate them. Yes you can cue the hand slaps and tisk tisk but it turned out to be a good thing, because I confirmed the fact that wheat does upset me. So I was able to tell Jess about this too and she seemed really happy with the progress we were making on breaking down the food groups and seeing what things were good for me, and what things were not.

The jury is still out on dairy so after 2 more weeks, I’ll be slowly reintroducing sheep and goat dairy only in the form of hard cheeses for 3 consecutive days. I’ll see how I feel and if I feel ok, we then reintroduce the softer stuff, then all going well, we bring back the cow dairy. Although, just quietly, I’m hoping I’m no good with cows dairy because it’s a good excuse for me to cut things like chocolate, cappuccinos, cheese – all the things I liked to munch on a little too much! I’ve actually lost 1.5kg JUST from the change in diet!!!

Now to the test results. I mentioned it before; I’m not allergic to gluten. No coeliac disease which is great news. I have low iron (no surprises there) so I’m taking Essential Nutrients Iron Plus daily for that. I do however also have bad bacteria in my gut. So the goal over the next 3 weeks before Jess and I meet again is to flush these bad bacteria out with the use of 2 different Metagenics supplements. Parex, which I take twice daily, 1 tab in the am and 2 tabs in the pm, is a potent anti-parasitic herbal combination which will rid the body of intestinal worms and parasites and provide anti parasitic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal activity. Gastro AG, a powder that provides fuel for beneficial bacteria, I’m having in water 2 x daily. I won’t lie, it kind of tastes kind of like what chalk might taste like but sweeter.


So that’s all folks and I’ll touch base again very soon when I take you all on a journey into my pantry…. Oooohhhhh, aaaahhhhhh J

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Good on you Maria Kang!

I have been posting a lot about my journey with Operation Nutrition the past 2 weeks, so I thought it best put up a post of a different nature. And I also have a bit of a gripe…so here it comes.

There has been a photo circulating the web lately of a super-hot mum and her 3 young kids. The pic shows her posing with her kids wearing a crop top and micro shorts and the words on the pic are ‘What’s your excuse?’

photo of hot mum

Now my issue isn’t with this pic. My issue is with the 1000’s of women out there who saw it and hated on her. She has had to defend herself for posting this photo!

The way I see it, this lady had a goal. Her goal was to look this good and she achieved her goal while still being a mum to 3 young kids. Well done to her! Anyone who sets out to achieve a goal should be praised when they get there. Not accused of ‘fat shaming’ others.

Now I’m all for positive body image and feeling happy and beautiful in your own skin. But the reality is, whether we admit it out loud or not, we all have insecurities and we all want to look and feel better. That is human nature and whether you are a size 6 or 16, you will most likely dislike some part of your body and wish you could change it. And there is nothing wrong with that! I’m learning to appreciate my body and who I am, but I still want to look better, and more than that, I want to feel better and be fitter, healthier. This is a good thing right? Well if you ask a number of media outlets, body image specialists etc this isn’t the case. I should just be content at being a size 12 (or larger) and shout it out to the world. Who needs to lose weight? Who needs to be healthy? Don’t dare try to achieve your own personal goals and be proud of it. When you look that hot you are obviously a fat shamer! WTF???

What’s happening to the world? It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to look like this woman does. And people should not be putting her down for looking how SHE WANTS TO LOOK! I sincerely doubt she posted this photo to offend others. If anything, this is inspirational for all the other mothers out there struggling to find the motivation they need to achieve their goals.

It appears we as a society have gone from hating on larger people, to hating on super thin people, now we hate on fitness type bodies. Can’t we just appreciate everyone as they are?

And the other thing that’s important with this photo is that she’s simply pointing out a very true fact. There are NO excuses. If you WANT something (want being the key word here) then you can have it. You just gotta be prepared to work hard for it!

“You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.” – Unknown

Update time

Firstly apologies for the lack of updates on the blog this week! Life, as it sometimes does, got in the way.

But, to make up for it, a vlog will be posted tomorrow arvo… cue applause!!

Well today officially marks the end of week one of Operation Nutrition. And if Im going to be honest, it was only half successful. But, the upside, I’ve learnt a lot.

Lesson 1: Be Prepared. If you are not, then you are destined to fail. I should have spent a few hours cooking and prepping last weekend so I was never caught off guard. But, I didn”t do that and often found myself without the right types of food nearby. I still managed to find a wheat free, dairy free option, but not the right option and not what Jess had put on my meal plan.

Lesson 2: Cold turkey sucks. Some of my fav foods are bread, churros and chocolate milkshakes. Yeah 3 really healthy choices huh! And while I did not have these things this week, I did find it tough to kick my 4th fav…. coffee!!! I think its probably more out of habit that I drink it, but it was a habit I just couldn”t kick this week. Mind you the 8 large cow milk caps were replaced with 4 small soy lattes so thats a start right?

Lesson 3: This is for my own good. This isn’t a new diet fad I’m trying. I’m not doing this to drop the kilos quick. I’m doing this to feel better. I’m doing this to be healthier and well on the insides. So, I probably shouldn’t get frustrated because I cant eat something when everyone else can.

Lesson 4: Keep a diary. From tomorrow on I’m writing down every thing that goes into my mouth because it makes me accountable and makes me mindful of what I eat.

Lesson 5: Not all supermarkets are created equal, nor are all wheat free foods. I looked in 3 different shops for the brands Jessica suggested for breads without wheat. Could not find it for the life of me! So, next meeting with Jessica Im finding out where she shops.

Lesson 6: You don’t have to eat something just because you can. The example here is tofu. I don’t need to say more.

Lesson 7: Tomorrow is a new day. And in this case, tomorrow is a new week and a chance to keep powering on stronger than ever!

So until tomorrow….

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Testing, testing…

This morning I peed in a cup at 5.30am and had 3 tubes of blood sucked from my vein at 8am. Fun times.

blood test

The Indicant (urine) sample was dropped off in the little red samples box at Jess’s office in the city on my way to work, and now, I wait.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 2 week trial period. The first part of the journey where you do the basic tests and cut a few potential bad foods from your diet to see what changes occur.

For me, this means no wheat and no dairy.

My food plan, which Jess designed specifically for me during our initial appointment, has enough options for me to stay interested and a lot of fresh healthy foods for me to eat.

I will follow it exactly for the next two weeks until our first follow up appointment on Wednesday Oct 23. At which time we will also go through my blood and urine test results and determine whether or not further testing is needed.

So far, things have been running pretty smoothly. I did a quick shop at IGA yesterday to pick up a few ingredients for the rye, oat, flax-seed and berry muffins ( and it was pretty easy. Mind you, finding oat flour when you have no idea what it is or looks like can be a challenge. We settled with oat bran. Also, IGA was PACKED due to the Labour Day holiday so swanning through the aisles reading the backs of every package wasn’t really an option.

Side note; the muffins worked!!!!! and they taste delicious!!!! I’ll be trying a few recipes each week and adding them to the foodie repertoire.

But that’s it from me today, a short and sweet post because tonight is the big shop! I’ll be rearranging my pantry and fridge… it could be interesting… so check back in tomorrow for the video footage 🙂 (And im still a little dizzy from the blood test – blood and I just don’t get along!)



Operation Nutrition – the meet!

It was 4.30pm on a Thursday and I found myself wandering up the steps to Jessica’s office space in Brisbane CBD. With a big smile and hello I was in the room and sitting at the desk, anxious to get started. It was D-Day… the initial consultation was here!

So as you all now know I’m embarking on Operation Nutrition to get my health back in order. I shared a bit about my past in the last post and over the course of the next few months I’ll be sharing the journey.

Here is the starting point. In order to give you a real idea about what goes on I am going to be honest and share with you everything… the highs, the lows, the good and the bad. Starting with the pre Operation Nutrition pics…

These pics are post wheat based snack. As you can see there is some serious bloating going on. This is pretty much what I deal with daily. I’m not sure at this stage what exactly causes it, but with Jessica’s help we are going to find out and eliminate that sucker!

IMG_3701 IMG_3700

Here is a pic of my bare naked… face! Straight out the shower sans everything (including moisturiser) this is all me.


Now here are the stats:

Weight – 65kg, Height 161cm (yes I’m short!), body fat 22%.

Just to clarify, I’m not doing this to lose weight; I’m doing it to feel better and to learn how to use food to benefit my body. But in doing this, I’m pretty sure the weight loss and fat loss is going to come as an added perk! So I will keep track of this too!


Now on to the initial consultation itself!

First let me just say, it was super easy and I felt really comfortable, even when talking about things like bowel movements and flatulence…Jessica covered all the nitty gritty bits and asked plenty of questions, most, I surprisingly couldn’t answer! It’s quite amazing how little notice you take of things like how often you go to the toilet, what foods/meals cause the bloating, whether the symptoms all came at once or over time. It comes back to being mindful and aware and in this day and age, we just aren’t aware of what’s going on in our bodies, or what we are putting in them!

I actually felt a little embarrassed if at any time when we were openly discussing my current diet. Which I thought was reasonably healthy, until I said what I ate out loud. It’s funny, I go about life thinking I’m pretty healthy, I don’t eat white anything, I exercise, I don’t smoke, don’t drink much, don’t take drugs; yet I get sick all the time and I’m constantly tired. You would think alarm bells would have gone off sooner than now! And to think it is all to do with the foods I’m eating.

Even something as simple as weetbix for breakfast could be upsetting the balance, or too much sushi, or those morning cappuccinos! I use skim milk, that’s healthy right? Not when your body hates dairy!

So in short, the initial consultation was exactly that; a starting point for us both to discover what’s been happening and to start talking about what is going to happen. One thing I was really thrilled about was that I got to take something home with me right then and there! Jessica created me a brand new food plan designed around what types of food I like and not too different from what I already ate. For example, weetbix and fruit with cow’s milk has been substituted for low sugar muesli, berries and almond milk. The coffees exchanged for herbal tea. All totally doable and delicious swaps; there is nothing on my new menu I don’t like. I also got some great new recipes for home-made dips, salad variations and pre workout muffins! I left with my next appointment booked for 2 weeks’ time, a pee cup for one test, a referral for another blood test with my local GP and I was feeling positive about the whole thing.

So what now you ask? Now I have a food plan with no wheat and no dairy so we can determine if it is one or both of these foods that my body doesn’t like. We will trial this until the next appointment, in the meantime I have the two tests done and then we bring it all together at our next session! The beauty is, Jessica is available any time I need help or advice and that makes me feel super excited and motivated to see this through!

Stay tuned for daily updates and the big shop!


Operation Nutrition


So all my regular readers know I’m on a bit of a health kick lately both inside and out – The Insanity Challenge (which you will see and hear the results from soonish) most recently the 10 Minutes for 10 Days (which I am on day 9 of and going strong) and now, let me introduce you to Operation Nutrition…

Tomorrow a very special journey will begin; a journey that really should have started a long time ago.

Let me go back to the start for a moment and give you a bit of an intro on me and why all of this is so important.

I was always very fit and healthy as a kid. I was part of numerous sporting groups, surfed every day, I ate well – I felt great. Then like a lot of adolescents, I fell from grace. Long story short I put on about 20kg, felt like shit and was very unhealthy and unhappy.

At 19 years old and 80kg I had a meltdown and with the help of my now hubby I lost about 15kg and was back on the healthy trail. And to see just how far I could go, I enlisted in a great trainer and decided to compete in a Sports Modelling comp. I trained my ass off (literally) for 12 weeks, lost another 10kg, went on stage and won! Yep… I looked hot! And I felt great! Momentarily. You see as great as you look on a body building diet, it really isn’t very sustainable. Well it wasn’t for me anyway. I fluctuated for a few years, competed in a few more comps and pushe my poor body to the brink. I was burnt out by the end. So much so I gave up on the gym, quit that membership and did a backflip with my nutrition. Before I knew it I was 65kg again. Rollercoaster right?

I suppose it’s quite important to point out at this stage that during all of this craziness it wasn’t just my weight that suffered. My insides hurt. For years I would go back to the doctor, different doctors, and every time they would suggest I might be pregnant (which I never was). Why you ask? Because my symptoms were always the same: nausea, fatigue, headaches, bloating, cravings, cramps.

After blood tests, urine tests and ultrasounds over and over again, well apparently there was nothing wrong with me. So on I went.

Which brings me to the present – I am currently working out again, about 5 x per week, and eating reasonably healthy, I still weigh 65kg and still have the weird symptoms.

Naturally, I went back to the doctors, because now I also taste metal in my mouth (yay!) and finally we had a breakthrough… this wonderful doctor suggested it might be as simple as acid reflux caused by my diet. Hmmm, ok. So a few tablets later and well, I felt better. This is good! But what it means is that I am probably intolerant to something in my diet, if not numerous things.

Enter stage right… Operation Nutrition!

In a bid to right this for good, to get off the rollercoaster and start living a better life, I decided to enlist the help of a nutritionist.

So last week I met up with the very lovely Jessica Cox, a Brisbane based nutritionist who is about to get my life and my health back on track. Over the next few months I’m going to be seeing Jessica every couple of weeks and documenting the journey. Through the good and the bad, the hard and the easy times, the failed and successful recipes, the cravings, the delicious times – through it all – join me and see how this works. If you have ever wondered whether seeing a nutritionist is for you, well use me as your guinea pig. Follow my journey and make up your own mind.

Tomorrow it all begins – my initial consultation and then it’s all go!

Keep in the loop on here, my instagram and facebook page! And wish me luck.