Operation Nutrition – sounding off

It was a long journey. One with ups and downs and roundabouts. I am now at the end, and yet still at the beginning too.
The journey of nutrition is one that never ends. We are always at odds with our heart and our mischievous mind when it comes to choosing the right foods to eat and when. For me, I jumped on the nutrition train about 7 months ago and havent looked back. Granted sometimes I still feel like Im not really looking forward either but with the help of Jess, my wonderful nutritionist, I have really made a difference to the way I look at food, and the way I feel which is the most important thing about this.
I started Operation Nutrition because I wanted to feel better, I wanted to look better and ultimately I wanted to be able to understand food, and my own body better.
I have certainly achieved this!
7 months on I have lost a few kilos, my skin is healthier, it glows even sometimes. Im not nearly as bloated, I dont have an acidic taste in my mouth and well – I just simply feel better!
For those who saw my journey, you will know there have been good and bad, hard and easy times. But you will also know its all been worth it!
Ok so the moment of truth……
The before and afters!!!!
At the very beginning

At the very beginning

Taken this week! No more bloating :)

Taken this week! No more bloating 🙂

And the skin….
At the start of the journey

At the start of the journey


A a few no makeup pics taken recently 🙂 SUCH an improvement!


lahneeskin1 lahneeskin2

And be sure to read this article I wrote on the journey too with an interview with Jess!
And visit her website – jessicacox.com.au
Til next time…

One thought on “Operation Nutrition – sounding off

  1. Really glad you got there in the end Lahnee, and you do look fantastic! I am still on my journey, as I have found many hurdles along the way, but completely agree with you on changing your perspective with food. I am so much more conscious of food now, and I am open minded to food I had never even heard of in the past! xx

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