Hi, I’m Lahnee and this is my land! Well it’s at least my online version of a land where what I say matters and people like you take an interest, no matter how small, in my views on the big bad world.

I’m an editor, writer, (now blogger – YAY!), PR dabbler, event attender, and travel freak. I also like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie (my taste buds are in overdrive… always), coffee connoisseur, fashion know it all and general lover of all things creative.

But there is a flip side to my whimsical land of fluff. I’m also a bit of a news buff, animal advocate and big believer in equality. I love digging deep into the big issues and asking the tough questions.

Which brings me to why I’m doing this. Why I’m joining the masses before me who have started up a blog.

Well firstly, as you may have gathered from the editor/writer part, I LOVE writing. Always have, always will. And in my line of work (as an Editor) I come across some pretty cool stories and some pretty amazing people and places (coffee haunts included!) And I want more freedom to write about them. I simply want to share my stories with the world. With you.

Secondly, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in this world, and perhaps this blog can help me do that. Maybe, just maybe, my crazy opinions will mean something to someone else, resonate with a reader and encourage change – no matter how small, it’s a start!

And reason number 3…. I thought it would be fun!

Now, bare with me as this blog promises to be sporadic and nonsensical at times – it’s a bit of this and a bit of that. But, I hope we can all enjoy the inner ramblings of lahneeland and stir up some clever conversation along the way.

Feel free to get in touch anytime!

Til then, enjoy…

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