Operation Nutrition


So all my regular readers know I’m on a bit of a health kick lately both inside and out – The Insanity Challenge (which you will see and hear the results from soonish) most recently the 10 Minutes for 10 Days (which I am on day 9 of and going strong) and now, let me introduce you to Operation Nutrition…

Tomorrow a very special journey will begin; a journey that really should have started a long time ago.

Let me go back to the start for a moment and give you a bit of an intro on me and why all of this is so important.

I was always very fit and healthy as a kid. I was part of numerous sporting groups, surfed every day, I ate well – I felt great. Then like a lot of adolescents, I fell from grace. Long story short I put on about 20kg, felt like shit and was very unhealthy and unhappy.

At 19 years old and 80kg I had a meltdown and with the help of my now hubby I lost about 15kg and was back on the healthy trail. And to see just how far I could go, I enlisted in a great trainer and decided to compete in a Sports Modelling comp. I trained my ass off (literally) for 12 weeks, lost another 10kg, went on stage and won! Yep… I looked hot! And I felt great! Momentarily. You see as great as you look on a body building diet, it really isn’t very sustainable. Well it wasn’t for me anyway. I fluctuated for a few years, competed in a few more comps and pushe my poor body to the brink. I was burnt out by the end. So much so I gave up on the gym, quit that membership and did a backflip with my nutrition. Before I knew it I was 65kg again. Rollercoaster right?

I suppose it’s quite important to point out at this stage that during all of this craziness it wasn’t just my weight that suffered. My insides hurt. For years I would go back to the doctor, different doctors, and every time they would suggest I might be pregnant (which I never was). Why you ask? Because my symptoms were always the same: nausea, fatigue, headaches, bloating, cravings, cramps.

After blood tests, urine tests and ultrasounds over and over again, well apparently there was nothing wrong with me. So on I went.

Which brings me to the present – I am currently working out again, about 5 x per week, and eating reasonably healthy, I still weigh 65kg and still have the weird symptoms.

Naturally, I went back to the doctors, because now I also taste metal in my mouth (yay!) and finally we had a breakthrough… this wonderful doctor suggested it might be as simple as acid reflux caused by my diet. Hmmm, ok. So a few tablets later and well, I felt better. This is good! But what it means is that I am probably intolerant to something in my diet, if not numerous things.

Enter stage right… Operation Nutrition!

In a bid to right this for good, to get off the rollercoaster and start living a better life, I decided to enlist the help of a nutritionist.

So last week I met up with the very lovely Jessica Cox, a Brisbane based nutritionist who is about to get my life and my health back on track. Over the next few months I’m going to be seeing Jessica every couple of weeks and documenting the journey. Through the good and the bad, the hard and the easy times, the failed and successful recipes, the cravings, the delicious times – through it all – join me and see how this works. If you have ever wondered whether seeing a nutritionist is for you, well use me as your guinea pig. Follow my journey and make up your own mind.

Tomorrow it all begins – my initial consultation and then it’s all go!

Keep in the loop on here, my instagram and facebook page! And wish me luck.



60 days of INSANITY

I’m a big believer in keeping fit and healthy. Although, lately I have been letting myself down when it comes to practicing what I preach. So, I am embarking on a 60 Day INSANITY challenge by beachbody.com.au

Basically this is a DVD challenge that I will be doing from home. Check it out http://www.beachbody.com.au/workout-programs/insanity-workout

Every couple of days I will be posting a Vlog (video blog) with my progress and you guys are going to keep me accountable. In fact, I’m going to put the challenge out there – I DARE you all to do a 60 day challenge of your own. Let’s keep each other accountable. I don’t mind if its not the INSANITY challenge, just pick anything and do it for 60 days and track your progress. You know what they say, a summer body is made in winter!

Ok, so Day 1 was yesterday. I did a fitness test which I will be repeating every 2 weeks. And then I weighed in, took my measurements and before photos this morning… As embarrassing as this is to share with you…see below!

Arm – 30cm

Chest – 85cm

Waist – 72cm

Hips – 89cm

Butt – 105cm

Thigh – 58cm

Weight – 65.4kg

As part of this challenge I will also be following a nutritional guide which is provided when you sign up to the INSANITY challenge!

Ok.. so here goes… wish me luck! And let me know what challenge you decide to do – let’s do it together!