Goodbye to Gaia

She woke up feeling refreshed. She wasn’t tired, she wasn’t restless, she wasn’t anything – just plain refreshed.

She’d thought about doing yoga that morning but decided to get on the road and back to her life, her loving family, her little world outside of Gaia.

She did take a little walk across the grass to look at that view one last time. She had breakfast with Shana, a new found friend, then she said her farewells and left.

“Goodbye Gaia…” she whispered to the trees as her car turned off the driveway and back on the road to reality.

Gaia pics 006


I really hope you have enjoyed reading these posts as much as I have enjoyed reminiscing as I posted them.

We all have those thoughts; you know the ones that sound like ‘gee I wish I could just stop time for a day, catch up on life, and take a breath!’ Well Gaia for me was like stopping time. It was about switching off from the outside world and diving deep into myself for a change. Life is so busy, so hectic at times that we forget about ourselves. I know it sounds weird, but, we do! We stop listening to our bodies, our hearts, our minds. We get up, get dressed, go to work, tend to the kids, do the chores, the shopping, the cooking, go to bed, get up the next day and do it all again! Rarely do we stop to enjoy the little things in life; rarely do we give in to what we really want. Maybe it’s mid-week, the house is a mess but all you really want to do is have a hot bath and read a good book.  Gaia was about learning to say yes to the bath and book. It was about learning to enjoy life, every precious moment and it was about living in the present moment too. We rush and we live in the future and sometimes the past. We don’t just be, in whatever moment we are in. This is what Gaia taught me.

I went to Gaia because I wanted to centre myself, calm my thoughts and learn to harness my emotions and energy. You see, I live in the future A LOT. I’m always thinking about what will come next – when will we get to travel again, where will we buy a house, when will we have kids, what job will I go for next, what is my destiny in life. I have these questions swirling around my head all the time and not being able to answer them drives me crazy! It’s like I need to know the answers, like my entire life depends on it. It was this attitude, this strange obsession with the future that was holding me back from living my life right now. I was missing things because I wasn’t even aware they were happening around me. Then there were those rare moments when I would ‘snap back’ to the present and be startled by its beauty. One day, for example, I was out in my backyard and realised there were the most beautiful white flowers growing next to my fence. There were just a few, a handful of tall stems shooting up from the soil. It was impressive. I couldn’t believe I’d never noticed them before!


Gaia taught me not to worry about the future. In fact, now I don’t even dwell on it. I have a book and every time I think about what I want in my future, I write it down in detail, and then I close my book and leave it. In June, I will go through the pages and see what themes reoccur. Then, when I’m ready, I will know which path I’m supposed to take.

By the time I left Gaia, my heart was open, I was letting life in, feeling positive, and I was physically rejuvenated too. The organic, healthy meals and the massages were divine and certainly helped regulate the internal creaks and cracks. All wrapped up, Gaia was like a warm blanket, a soothing touch on the body and soul. Gaia brings you back to where you want to be, where you should be. But only if you let it. It would be easy to go to Gaia for the massages alone. But if you open your heart and your mind, Gaia will fill you with love and wisdom…



Insane and checking in

Well it is now day 10 of my 60 Days of Insanity challenge and although I had meant to post on Monday, I was otherwise engaged. I won’t go into details but let’s just say it was a personal matter and I was unable to post.


But, now on day 10 I am giving my update.


Drum roll please….. after measuring myself and weighing in on Monday I have lost…. wait for it… 3.5cm!!! From by butt, thigh and arm! I couldn’t be happier. Well I suppose if I had lost any weight I might have been happier. The stubborn scales didn’t budge, but I lost some cm and I’m feeling great.


Despite the ache in my muscles and severe calf cramping, I feel empowered! Each workout gets easier, well maybe not easier but I don’t look and feel quite so awkward doing them. I find myself looking forward to the workouts and I’m making time to fit them in.


Granted it was week 1 and most people embarking on a fitness journey can hang in there for week 1. Now is when the real challenge starts; week 2 which I fear may be one of the hardest. The initial motivation of starting the program is wearing off, the fatigue and soreness has set in and in my case, because I wasn’t used to this kind of intensity, and because my schedule seemed to really pick up, I’m getting tired.


But it’s now that my true motivation, my true determination will show. And I’m confident it will. There have been many instances where I have set out on a fitness journey only to fail in the second or third week and the main reason is that I didn’t ever find my drive. I didn’t determine why I was doing it and what I wanted to get out of it. I went into these ‘fad’ journeys completely unprepared mentally and as a result, I failed. This time feels different. This time I know why I’m doing it, what I want and I’m keeping myself accountable with this blog (and with publishing my own story in my 8 magazines.. that kind of makes you stay committed).


So here is it – my reasons for doing this.


Why I’m doing this 60 day challenge: I’m sick of feeling unhealthy, I’m sick of getting sick, I’m sick of looking at myself in the mirror and cringing, I’m sick of feeling slow, I’m sick of being envious and I’m sick of knowing that I’m capable of so much more than I do. I want to feel good, look good and feel proud knowing that I have worked hard to achieve my goals.


What are my goals: My short term goal is to lose 7kg by the end of the 60 day challenge making my end weight 58.5kg. I also want to lose 25cm from across my body and get into a size 10 bathers for my trip to Bali in September. But, I won’t make the mistake of only having a superficial goal. This is simply something to work toward in the short term. I also want to use this challenge as the starting point for a long and healthy life. I want to learn how to get into a positive daily routine when it comes to eating well and exercising. To do this I’m focusing on the process of doing the workouts, making time for them each day and making them fun. I’m training myself to look forward to the workouts and I’m putting a real effort into learning what foods are good to eat and when. The real challenge will begin when this one ends…continuing to live a healthy, fit and positive life!


Stay tuned for a video post on Saturday!


Insanity vlogging

So here it is.. the first 2 vlogs.

I recorded them 2 days back, I’m now on Day 3 of my 60 Days of INSANITY Challenge and let me tell you… it’s already tough! Im excited and downright scared about what’s to come.

Yesterday, I was doing the plyometric cardio dvd and after about 10 mins Shaun-T says ok now let’s start the workout.. I almost threw the remote at the TV. I was damn sure we had already started. So that gives you an indication of how tough it is. But, it’s also a lot of fun and I’m pretty sure the results will be worth it! So stick with me and enjoy the posts.



60 days of INSANITY

I’m a big believer in keeping fit and healthy. Although, lately I have been letting myself down when it comes to practicing what I preach. So, I am embarking on a 60 Day INSANITY challenge by

Basically this is a DVD challenge that I will be doing from home. Check it out

Every couple of days I will be posting a Vlog (video blog) with my progress and you guys are going to keep me accountable. In fact, I’m going to put the challenge out there – I DARE you all to do a 60 day challenge of your own. Let’s keep each other accountable. I don’t mind if its not the INSANITY challenge, just pick anything and do it for 60 days and track your progress. You know what they say, a summer body is made in winter!

Ok, so Day 1 was yesterday. I did a fitness test which I will be repeating every 2 weeks. And then I weighed in, took my measurements and before photos this morning… As embarrassing as this is to share with you…see below!

Arm – 30cm

Chest – 85cm

Waist – 72cm

Hips – 89cm

Butt – 105cm

Thigh – 58cm

Weight – 65.4kg

As part of this challenge I will also be following a nutritional guide which is provided when you sign up to the INSANITY challenge!

Ok.. so here goes… wish me luck! And let me know what challenge you decide to do – let’s do it together!