And she glowed from the inside out…

When I started operation nutrition my skin was dull, slightly red and it didn’t look as smooth as I’d probably like it to.

Now, 11 weeks on (almost to the day) my skin has a glow about it. The redness is subsiding and it’s smoothing out. My cheeks don’t look so dull and the softness is returning.

At the start of the journey back in September

At the start of the journey back in September

After the 11 weeks!

After the 11 weeks!

It’s amazing what a difference food can make. Just by putting the right nutrients inside your body you can make a real difference to the outside appearance as well.

For example, if you are stuffing your face with fast food, processed food and bad fats, your skin will start to reflect the amount of grease and saturated fats you’re ingesting.

Similarly, foods that are good foryour body weight seem to be equally as good for your skin. So if you consume a lot of fruits, veg, lean meats, nuts, legumes, etc then your skin will reflect this freshness and radiate health! This is what I’m now starting to see!

And, appearance aside, after 11 weeks I’m really starting to FEEL a difference as well. My energy is up, I’m finding that by eating the right types of food for my body I now have more energy to do longer gym workouts or to push myself more which in turn equals fat loss (bonus!!). I am getting less tired during the day, I feel happier in general and my mood swings are not so frequent. Even my periods are becoming more regular and less painful (which any woman knows is a bloody good thing!).

Bloating was a regular thing at the start of the journey

Bloating was a regular thing at the start of the journey

At the 11 week mark, bloating is gone!

At the 11 week mark, bloating is gone!

When I started on this journey with my wonderful nutritionist Jessica Cox I had an idea of what I wanted to get out of it. I really wanted to learn what foods weren’t right for me and I wanted to learn how to replace those foods with ones that were right for me. I have certainly achieved this! I suppose in the back of my mind I wanted to be eating better so I could lose some weight, which I also achieved! Simply feeling better in general was the main purpose of seeing a nutritionist in the first place. This, I have absolutely achieved. The cramps, nausea, fatigue, headaches and bloating have pretty much stopped completely. Of course I’m still adjusting to this lifestyle so there are occasional slip ups which leave me a little bloated but these are few and far between now.

They say new habits are formed and results start to happen after 12 weeks and I think this is pretty spot on! One important thing I’ve learnt throughout this journey is that you need to be patient and you need to be kind to yourself and your body. Health is a journey and there is no quick fix. Sticking it out is the only way to prosper. And getting support, such as I did with Jess, makes the journey soooooo much smoother and soooooo much easier. I could not have made these changes without her!

So for all of those working on their 2014 resolutions, if getting your health back on track pops up, see a nutritionist. You will not regret the investment. And if you give it a bit of time and stay positive and on track, when you get to the 12 week mark you WILL be able to look back and see some stand out changes to your health, your body and your skin!

Check out –make health your priority next year!

PS she has some DELICIOUS recipes on the site as well!

Update time

Firstly apologies for the lack of updates on the blog this week! Life, as it sometimes does, got in the way.

But, to make up for it, a vlog will be posted tomorrow arvo… cue applause!!

Well today officially marks the end of week one of Operation Nutrition. And if Im going to be honest, it was only half successful. But, the upside, I’ve learnt a lot.

Lesson 1: Be Prepared. If you are not, then you are destined to fail. I should have spent a few hours cooking and prepping last weekend so I was never caught off guard. But, I didn”t do that and often found myself without the right types of food nearby. I still managed to find a wheat free, dairy free option, but not the right option and not what Jess had put on my meal plan.

Lesson 2: Cold turkey sucks. Some of my fav foods are bread, churros and chocolate milkshakes. Yeah 3 really healthy choices huh! And while I did not have these things this week, I did find it tough to kick my 4th fav…. coffee!!! I think its probably more out of habit that I drink it, but it was a habit I just couldn”t kick this week. Mind you the 8 large cow milk caps were replaced with 4 small soy lattes so thats a start right?

Lesson 3: This is for my own good. This isn’t a new diet fad I’m trying. I’m not doing this to drop the kilos quick. I’m doing this to feel better. I’m doing this to be healthier and well on the insides. So, I probably shouldn’t get frustrated because I cant eat something when everyone else can.

Lesson 4: Keep a diary. From tomorrow on I’m writing down every thing that goes into my mouth because it makes me accountable and makes me mindful of what I eat.

Lesson 5: Not all supermarkets are created equal, nor are all wheat free foods. I looked in 3 different shops for the brands Jessica suggested for breads without wheat. Could not find it for the life of me! So, next meeting with Jessica Im finding out where she shops.

Lesson 6: You don’t have to eat something just because you can. The example here is tofu. I don’t need to say more.

Lesson 7: Tomorrow is a new day. And in this case, tomorrow is a new week and a chance to keep powering on stronger than ever!

So until tomorrow….

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