It’s Christmas, really?

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like 2013 sort of walked on in, said hi and exited stage left?

It’s gone so fast I can’t even remember half the things I did, and I know I did a lot!

And Christmas is just around the corner, 27 days away to be precise, and I don’t even have my tree up.

This makes me kind of upset, because I am like Santa’s little lost helper. I LOVE Christmas. It’s by far my favourite time of the year; presents, Christmas trees, carols by candlelight, Christmas light looking! What’s not to love? But life has simply got in the way this year and the Christmas cheer seems to be missing my corner of the world.

People have become so rushed they are not stopping to put their sparkly lights up; even Myers doesn’t have that Christmas feel to it yet.

Every year I make Christmas a big deal, because I never want to lose that feeling you get when you know Santa is on his way. This year I have so many plans – make Christmas cards to send out, buy amazing heart felt presents for everyone, put up the tree and dance like a maniac to ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ by Mariah Carey, but you know what, I can’t find ONE free day in my calendar to get any of these things done.

I bet even Santa himself is not prepared this year!



Maybe this is why 2013 went by so fast. Life is screaming by at a pace I can’t keep up with. I think it’s time to hit the brakes and slow things down a bit.

So, once this crazy year comes to an end, I will make it a priority, a resolution if you like, to live life in the slow (er) lane. To sit back and take some down time, to not plan some activity every damn weekend.

Maybe then 2014 will at least stick around for a coffee or two.

Bucket List

Well today is my 26th Birthday!! Yay, happy birthday to me… lalala

I’m actually really excited for the year ahead and here’s why.

When I was about 10 I watched a movie and the main character, a young girl, wrote a sort of bucket list that she hid away to open on her 18th birthday. I thought this was a great idea so I did the same thing!

On my 18th birthday I opened my own little list and here’s what it said (roughly):

– Have my first kiss by 18

– Be married by 22

– Have my first kid at 23 and the second at 25

– Have the best year ever when Im 26

Well, most of those predictions were a little off timing wise (Im married but still no little ones and my first kiss was about a year after that was written!)

But what stuck with me was the ‘best year ever’ comment. I cant remember why I thought it would be but I’m going to run with this.

So I have decided to once again write a bucket list, this time it will be things I want to accomplish or experience during this birthday year.

Here goes:

– Learn to play at least 3 Taylor Swift songs on the guitar (plus learn the basics of guitar in general)

– Start making mini travel docos

– Sponsor or help a horse in some way (I LOVE horses)

– Buy a house

– Sing in front of a live audience (this will be a confidence booster… or not … depending how I sound!)

– Travel to somewhere exotic

– See Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift live (they are 2 of my all time favs and I know these will be ticked off cos I already have tickets to both!!!!!)

– Camp under the stars on a deserted beach with a big bon-fire (don’t know why, just always wanted to do this)

– Practice my Spanish to get back up to conversational fluency

– Be the healthiest, fittest and most attractive I have ever been (this rolls on from the mini fitness challenges I will be keeping up all year)

– Run 10km without stopping (Im a crappy runner, always have been so this will actually be really tough!)

– Do something that really scares me… not sure what but something… I’ll take suggestions.

– Have 1000 twitter followers all coming back to like this blog!!!!

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll be sipping on a glass or 3 of champers tonight toasting in my new birth year! Here’s to a great one!