Bucket List

Well today is my 26th Birthday!! Yay, happy birthday to me… lalala

I’m actually really excited for the year ahead and here’s why.

When I was about 10 I watched a movie and the main character, a young girl, wrote a sort of bucket list that she hid away to open on her 18th birthday. I thought this was a great idea so I did the same thing!

On my 18th birthday I opened my own little list and here’s what it said (roughly):

– Have my first kiss by 18

– Be married by 22

– Have my first kid at 23 and the second at 25

– Have the best year ever when Im 26

Well, most of those predictions were a little off timing wise (Im married but still no little ones and my first kiss was about a year after that was written!)

But what stuck with me was the ‘best year ever’ comment. I cant remember why I thought it would be but I’m going to run with this.

So I have decided to once again write a bucket list, this time it will be things I want to accomplish or experience during this birthday year.

Here goes:

– Learn to play at least 3 Taylor Swift songs on the guitar (plus learn the basics of guitar in general)

– Start making mini travel docos

– Sponsor or help a horse in some way (I LOVE horses)

– Buy a house

– Sing in front of a live audience (this will be a confidence booster… or not … depending how I sound!)

– Travel to somewhere exotic

– See Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift live (they are 2 of my all time favs and I know these will be ticked off cos I already have tickets to both!!!!!)

– Camp under the stars on a deserted beach with a big bon-fire (don’t know why, just always wanted to do this)

– Practice my Spanish to get back up to conversational fluency

– Be the healthiest, fittest and most attractive I have ever been (this rolls on from the mini fitness challenges I will be keeping up all year)

– Run 10km without stopping (Im a crappy runner, always have been so this will actually be really tough!)

– Do something that really scares me… not sure what but something… I’ll take suggestions.

– Have 1000 twitter followers all coming back to like this blog!!!!

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll be sipping on a glass or 3 of champers tonight toasting in my new birth year! Here’s to a great one!