Feeling like a Potts Point Princess

IT’S  a Sunday morning, the fog has settled over the towering star trees that line Victoria Street and my coffee is steaming hot. It’s from Holm Café, a cute hole in the wall coffee shop about 150m from home. Elisa and Sofia, the lovely new owners, make it for me with a big bright smile every morning. One could say my morning coffee has become more like my morning ritual.

About four months ago, my husband and I packed up our house and our 4-legged daughter and traded in our hectic lives in QLD for a change of pace in Potts Point. We spent the night driving down from our Brisbane home in the Sunshine State and arrived on the outskirts of Sydney as the sun took its place in the sky. Cheesy huh? Maybe so, but it was the perfect introduction to what has been a perfect few months for us. In April we accepted a job managing a cute B&B, the Victoria Court Hotel on Victoria Street, and so far, things are going great – our guests are lovely, we are busy and we managed to find a very small team of staff who brighten the mornings. A bit of a change to my days filled with deadlines as a magazine editor and the sweat and early starts my husband dealt with managing a boxing gym. Yes it was a big change indeed, but you know what they say about change…

So, here we are, settling in to our new home, our new jobs and our new life. And it’s funny, because despite the fact that we live less than 2km from Sydney’s big, brash, bold city CBD, it can easily feel like we are a world away here in Potts Point – this gastronomical urban sprawl that I’ve fallen madly in love with!

They say Sydney isn’t friendly, well I beg to differ. When you walk down the street here people say hi, they take the time to chat, they smile. This city suburb has a certain community feel to it, a togetherness if you will. And yes, there are the bed eggs, god knows I’ve met a few of them already, but what city doesn’t have them? Kings Cross is on our doorstep, but even the flashy lights of the strip clubs and the weekend party noise isn’t that bad. In fact, it’s starting to feel normal. This place is starting to feel like home, and with neighbours who know your name and shop owners who write cute messages on your coffee cups; Im starting to feel like a Potts Point princess!

*Over the coming months I will be documenting my Potts Point journey – let me introduce you to the taste sensations that are the restaurants here, the skillful hair stylists at salons that dot the neighbourhood, the muscle soothing massages, the arts, the tours, the shopping – I will experience it all and share it with you! 


When Im feeling down…

I’m not sure why, but lately I’ve been feeling down.

I’ve been struggling with keeping up my eating plan, I’ve been struggling to get anything done at work (not ideal when you work to tight deadlines) and I’ve even been struggling in everyday tasks.

I’m low on energy, I’m low on happiness and I have absolutely no idea why, and no reason why.

I suppose it’s one of those things, these feelings can creep up on you sometimes when life seems to be going to quickly, you feel like you need to stop, even just for a day and catch up. Unfortunately life doesn’t work like that so when it all gets too much, you have to keep going anyway.

It’s that overwhelming feeling that you have gotten too far behind to snap back into normality, the routine. It’s that niggle in your chest, the tightening, the feeling of anxiety slipping into your head and your body.

I work in a high stress job. Sometimes, no matter how I try to fight it, it catches up and takes hold. Anxiety made me so sick once the doctor ordered a 2 week break! I never let it get to that point anymore but I’m feeling close at the moment. It feels almost like I’m holding out for something, for Christmas maybe, the holidays, a change in my life – something that will snap me out of it. But the one thing I’ve realised over time is that YOU are the only person and the only thing that will snap you out of it.

You need to breathe, you need to exercise, you need to talk to friends and family, you need to meditate, play with your dog, go for a walk and stop thinking so much.

Life is great, life is what you make it and life will not pause for you to work it all out. You need to roll with the punches and get back on the horse.

So that’s what I intend to do!