Arcade Fashionistas!

The MBFF Brisbane Arcade Show on Wednesday night was a show stopper!

Sitting front row (again!!!! eep) in my slinky Maiocchi dress next to…. deep breath Lahnee… a Vogue Australia writer (if you know me you will know I consider media persons as celebs…just a little thing I do) I found myself in awe of the unique and differing designs.

Everything from Spring inspired prints to big bold hats, sexy knee highs and whimsical couture gowns! Brisbane is certainly holding its own in the world of fashion!

My picks….

teng darb hat box maiocchi1

Ps … guess who else was sitting front row this night. The one and only make-up extraordinaire Napoleon Perdis and the Governor General! What a crowd 🙂


Emerging into fashion!

As the MBFF Brisbane elegantly flows on, the week just keeps getting better and better!

And on Tuesday night, straight after the blushing brides, were the unique creations of the Emerging Designers who showed their wears on the round stage.

Complete with colour and bold prints, fierce new trends were certainly ’emerging’! The crowd was excited to see what these up and comers had to show and sitting front row in another Begitta outfit, I could feel a shopping spree coming on.

Here is what I loved most!!!!

erinhass playsuits peony swimwear jacksonian begittagold sinead james

And here’s what I found out about one of the incredible designers, Erin Hassall!


THE 28 year old, who showcased in the Emerging Designer Group Show, is constantly juggling a full-time fashion design career with a part-time professional golf caddying gig, and has just returned from her second trip to China this year.

“My partner (Jonathan Pepper) recently received his China PGA tour card so we’ve had a couple of trips there already, but in previous years his golf has taken us to Japan and America where I caddy for him,” Erin said.

The designer has gone from birdies on the fairway to another form – the Birds of Paradise flower, which she describes as the inspiration for her second new season range.

“I’m keeping with the bright colours and tropical theme of the flower and I have created some of my own prints this year, so I am really excited,” she said.

“I have a collection of silk kaftans, soft, floaty, shift-dresses and some summer jackets, basically a beautiful range of resort wear that is perfect for Queensland’s tropical climate.”


Bridal beauty’s on the MBFF stage!

Day 3 of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival kicked off yesterday with some blushing brides (well stunning tall slender models wearing wedding gowns) and I was just about ready to run home and demand my hubby and I re-marry. Just so I could wear one of the dresses!

Photos by Ian Golding

Photos by Ian Golding

We had  a chat with the lovely Tammie Nitschke from Elizabeth De Varga

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started on this journey into fashion?

A. I’m from a small country town, raised on property with no shops for miles. Many of my clothes were hand me downs or homemade so when I got to an age where I could operate a machine by myself I would deconstruct and adapt, alter and remake the clothes my way! When I finished school I went to University to study Agricultural Economics. I ended up in a small mining town in WA, far away from anything fashion orientated – unless we are talking steel caps and kaki overalls. This is where I realised that I needed to go and pursue my love of fashion.

Q. What do you love about the industry?

A. I love fabrics and all things pretty. The industry is tough and the competition is fierce. Each day is different for me; I could be in the store designing and liaising with clients, fitting or merchandising. I could be on location at a photo shoot, I could be on a flight on my way to a store to sell the collection or in the studio viewing new fabrics, deciding on marketing, developing samples and new styles.

Q. How would you describe your style?

A. Stylish, distinctive, romantic. Detail is key in all of our gowns, be it a simple elegant sheath or a full princess gown. It’s all in the detail.

Q. Can you describe your latest bridal collection and where your inspiration came from?

A. Our latest collection combines romance and glamour. It’s a love affair of texture and detail. Our fabrics are key elements of inspiration. Sourced from the world’s great lace companies combined with silks, quirky intricacies of tulle and Swarovski pearls and crystals, hand crochet and diamante belt details. The palette is soft hues of shell pink and blush through to antique silks and magnolias.

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. World Domination LOL! As our focus is high end Australian made couture bridal gowns it’s only natural to want to share my love of fashion and the label with the entire market so there is discussion around a ‘ready to wear’ line to appeal to all budgets.

Q. Fashion tip for brides?

A. Be true to your style. If you love all things big and bold then be that. If you love clean lines and sophistication then be that. Talk to an expert – get their opinions, utilise their knowledge. But ultimately you decide!

Here are a few of my fav gowns of the night!!!!!

bride1 bride2 bride3 bride4 bride5 bride6 bride7 bride8

MBFF Brisbane – lights, camera, fashion!

Well it’s finally here, the week us Brisbanites and fashionistas across the country have been waiting for!

It’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival time!

So in honour of this consumer fashion event I will be dedicating this week’s posts to the glitz and glam of the festival.

Kicking off the week is a bit of a profile on emerging designer Begitta, whose stunning Jardin de L’Amour | Garden of Love – Tea Dress dress I wore to the Designer Cocktail Reception in the Hamilton Lounge at Brisbane City Hall last night. And might I just say, what a night it was!!!!


Emerging designer: Begitta (Begitta Stolk)

Shows: Emerging Designer Group Show, Tuesday August 27, 8.00pm, tickets from $37.

Q. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you are from and how you got started on this journey into fashion.

A. When I was nine, my aunty bought me a pink plastic sewing machine for Christmas and I made hats and dresses for all my dolls and teddy bears. I guess I have always been drawn to theatrics and pretty things. I started a business degree at Bond University but felt that it was a little too corporate for what I wanted, to start a fashion label, so I left and completed my studies in fashion in Australia and most recently in Paris.

Q. What do you love about fashion and the industry?

A. The industry is ever moving, ever changing and ever creative. We can express ourselves by what we wear and the perfect dress can make any woman feel like a goddess.

Q. What made you want to get involved in bridal fashion?

A. I adore weddings, weddings are a time to celebrate the love that you have for the man (or woman) of your dreams, a time to be excited and to share your love with the world. It is such a beautiful thing to be able to take part in someone’s dream.

Q. Who is your target market and why?

A. The Begitta girl is feminine, elegant and fabulous. She like getting dressed up, likes a little attention and always stands out from the crowd. She has passion for her life, love and career. She adores glamorous styling and dramatic silhouettes.

Q. How would you describe your style?

Feminine, fun, a little daring, whimsical, outrageous (occasionally), classic (sometimes), pretty (always).

Q. Can you describe your latest collection and where your inspiration came from?

A. The Collection will be full of lace, draping, beading, colour and excitement. We’re going for something slightly off-beat to the previous collections, a little shock factor.

Q. What is you’re the one garment you couldn’t live without?

A. A pretty little tea dress perfect for both day and night – add heels a sparkly clutch and you’re set!

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. The future has endless possibilities and so many exciting things to come. We’re working with lots of gorgeous Brides and Bridesmaids over the coming months to make their dream gowns and we have big plans for a few new exciting projects which can’t be revealed just yet!

Q. Fashion tip?

A. You can never be over dressed!